Privacy Policy-White Cabs

White Cabs has taken care of its drivers and passengers in its quiet policy and they are responsible for keeping this information safe.  Privacy policy-white cabs follow all rules of personal information management practices to ensure compliance with personal information protection and electronic documents.

White Cabs does not share valuable passenger details like phone number, address, and pickup up location drop location with anyone. Some companies can leak this information about you, the customer, but White Cabs does not do so because for its customer is most important. And also do not share the information of the drivers with whom, that by doing so our drivers become unsafe.

According to the privacy policy white cabs also offer on demand delivery door-to-door service. On-demand taxi is available is 24/7. Now you can book taxis for stony plain, Sherwood Park Taxi, Parkland taxi service, and st. Albert taxi.

What purpose does the information take from you?

If you want to know about the privacy policy-white cabs, then you have to follow these rules.

  • To provide taxi and cab service
  • Information about your location from which you do not have any problem in reaching you
  • keep in touch with you until you reach your destination location
  • They also inform you about the driver’s information through SMS, and your location information to the driver. So that the driver can contact you.
  • We may also use push notifications, SMS, calls, and email to keep in touch with you.

Authorisation, collection, use and disclosurePrivacy policy-white cabs

Sign of a waiting taxi

White Cabs only join the information that the business needs to run. Apart from this, it does not collect any other information. It takes the address and telephone number to fulfilling their request. Privacy policy-white cabs does not reveal the information of any customers and take the information in secret.

White Cabs only address their customer’s telephone number to fulfil their request, for example, if a passenger calls us to book a cab, whatever information we are collecting we do not share with anyone. They never tells your information to any third party. For example, if we take the information of a passenger, then he knows where that information will be used. Customer can contact us for know more about information regarding White cab.

Any information collected will be used by the company for the purposes specified herein. Unless the passenger tells us that you can use this information for any other purpose. But this process will be legal. We keep your valuable information in the coded form so that, Thieves cannot steal this information.

  • About information the Canadian government for any investigation, then they can use it without your consent, according to Law.
  • They can also solve the problem about health and safety situation.
  • If the company asked to provide information through any official document. Govt takes information and rules in privacy policy-white cabs. So for that company doesn’t need the customer’s consent


White Cabs obeys every Canadian law and observes all laws. So they follow whatever news have to be made to enforce. These documents is required for the purpose of enforcing the law of any Canadian, provincial or foreign jurisdiction, such information gathering law. Privacy policy- white cabs is vital part of taxi service.

News is required in order to enforce any Canadian or state law; It is designed for those who need information due to an emergency that threatens a person’s life, health or safety. Reach, improve and build loyalty Drivers and Customers can access or request the factual correction of their Personal Information, subject to the exceptions listed. The request must be in writing and contain sufficient details.