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Stony plain taxi

White cabs gives you many offer in stony plain taxi. Our taxi is very good condition for Fast driving. Our drivers take all precision of COVId 19 to safe our clients. Stony Plain is a famous mountain known for its excellent ski runs, and it’s a great place to go skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. The slopes are groom so you…

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Flat rate taxi spruce grove

Introduction The white cab is a cab service provider company in spruce grove, Canada. The company starts in 2015 after that it starts gowning rapidly. Now we are a team of 20 members. The owner of the company is excellent and also take cure of employee and other needs of the company. You can get cab on flat rate taxi…

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regulation taxi industry

regulation taxi industry In a country dedicated to free-market capitalism, political restraints on the liberty to enter into a business or letting the aggressive marketplace to set the cost seem despite this enthusiastic and strong contemporary Political, economic, and ideological movement, one mode of transport has come full circle from the law, through deregulation, and again to re-regulation the taxi market. …

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Taxi Companies Raising the Bar

Taxi Companies Raising the Bar As New York City’s Taxi and many industries grow in numbers. And revenues, new and more progressive Taxi Companies, have been raising the bar with their fare structure. With their innovative fares, they are trying to attract more customers to their services. However, for the more established Taxi Companies, this new fare structure may not…

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COVID 19 update

COVID 19 update Coronavirus pandemic compelled us to settle at the house to avoid spread. After three phases of lockdown as instructed by WHO, the government relaxed the people from rules for moving one place to another. Everyone is suffering from an economic crisis because of COVID – 19. COVID -19 hits everyone, so cab service also hits with lockdown…

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