Taxi Companies Raising the Bar

As New York City’s Taxi and many industries grow in numbers. And revenues, new and more progressive Taxi Companies, have been raising the bar with their fare structure. With their innovative fares, they are trying to attract more customers to their services. However, for the more established Taxi Companies, this new fare structure may not … Read more

3 Quick Tips for Taking Taxis Abroad

Are you ready to go out there and travel the world, or maybe just travel to the country where you plan on going? If you are you’ll probably need to take some sort of taxicab, as most of the time you are going to want to be traveling in a country where you have a … Read more

6 Surprising Tips for Catching a Cab in Your City

6 Surprising Tips for Catching a Cab in Your City One of the essential things for passengers who’s ever taken a cab is to have a good sense of how to get a taxi in your city. Unfortunately, many cab drivers don’t know what they’re doing, and they can be hard to find. Here are … Read more