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    Flat Rate Taxi Service

    Now, White cabs are available in Canada. Passengers can book a flat rate taxi service. You can hire any time anywhere taxi. Passengers can hire a taxi for shopping, office use, personal use, one-day picking, hotel taxi, Airport taxi, hospital, restaurant, tourist and so on. Passengers can book a taxi according to their needs like a single person taxi, two & more person, and a group of people. Here, supply varieties of taxis such as Sedan, SUV, and Tempo. You can also book a taxi with your own payment method through a co-operating and personal account. The white cab also provides on-demand delivery for their customers at the nominal fare. The white cab also offers a parkland taxi service, with a comfortable and reasonable rate.

    Flat rate taxi service for Airport :

    If you want to book a taxi from Airport at a flat rate, then call on 780 203 8000. Also, you can book a cab to the airport from your home. It may appear that the airport to transfer to isn’t the best option for you at times. Because there are other variables to consider while looking for an airport transfer. You can book a taxi according to your need. Unless you specifically requested additional services from your airport cab, there are no additional fees. This allows you to budget how much money you’ll need for transit to the airport ahead of time. You won’t know the exact amount needed for your trip if you use a metered cab.

    flat rate taxi service

    The term “flat rate” refers to a rate that remains constant regardless of distance. There are no hidden fees or any fees for that matter. If you think, we get more money during traffic, it’s not true. We collect only genuine money from passengers. So, customers can book taxis offered by White cab with various services. You can also book your taxi online with our website.

    What is the maximum amount of money saved by passengers?

    Travelers can save up to 10% money with a White cab. Our flat pricing might increase your savings by up to 15% when we have a large number of network drivers accessible. If you should enjoy discounting rate taxi then call on 780 203 8000 or also, you can book an online taxi from whitecab.ca.

    Why should travelers select White Cabs?

    • White cabs Drivers & Passengers wear mask.
    • All taxis are sanitized.
    • No extra charges collect from passengers.
    • Sanitzed taxi.
    • Cheap & flat rate taxi service.
    • Near to your home.
    • Available taxi are SUV, Sedan, and Tempo.
    • Make luggage services available for free.

    Drivers of White Cabs:

    White cabs hire professional drivers. Our drivers are not addicted to any drugs. They are innocent, responsible, and healthy. Our drivers wash their cabs after traveling every passenger. We get money from travelers according to the meter. White cabs provide flat-rate taxi service. We give training to all drivers before hiring. Our drivers reached before giving timing by you. Taxis are driven by professional drivers. They are very knowledgeable about the city routes. S you can have a pleasant traveling experience.

    With White cabs, you can travel for 24 hours and 7 days

    For shopping, business meetings, hotel taxis, or airport taxis, you can order a white cabs at any time and from anywhere. White Cabs provides Business Taxi Service at a flat rate in Canada for any occasion. Passengers can book taxis for 24 & 7 hours. Now, you can hire a flat rate taxi every day, any time, any were in Canada. The pick-up and drop-off schedules for 24 Hour Taxi Services in Amritsar are quite rigorous, so customers do not have to waste time waiting. You can enjoy a taxi ride anytime or during transportation emergencies.

    Safe and Sanitized Taxi Service

    As we know safety is compulsory during the Covid-19 so white cabs provide disinfected and clean cabs. During the journey, our drivers wear masks and gloves. Every cab has a supply of sanitizer. After every trip, our drivers cleaned their cab. Our drivers maintain social distancing inside of the cab. Check the temperature for drivers as well as passenger safety.