COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus pandemic compelled us to settle at the house to avoid spread. After three phases of lockdown as instructed by WHO, so the government relaxed the people from rules for moving one place to another. Everyone is suffering from an economic crisis because of COVID – 19. COVID -19 hits everyone, so cab service also hits with lockdown restrictions.

Now White cab service will resume with some instruction and guidelines given by authorities. Then anybody can book a White cab service.

Guidelines must follow by both driver and passenger in COVID-19

Always wear masks.
Keep your hands sanitized.
Don’t allow more than two passengers inside the cab.
Don’t allow passengers without wearing masks inside the cab. because of covid-19
Instruct the passenger to take back the seat of the cab.
Do not touch the luggage of passengers. If you do so, then sanitize your hands.
The driver should disinfect the cab to maintain hygiene inside the car after each ride. So that covid-19 stay away from our clients.

Our taxi driver should disinfect the cab to maintain hygiene inside the car after each ride.

The cab driver should disinfect the cab to maintain hygiene inside the car after each ride. Because customer safety is our priority

 Guidelines for passenger :

Always wear masks.
Always take the cab’s back seat because the authorities mandate cab customers to occupy the back seats on a journey.
Ensure that driver does not contact with luggage to sidestep the flow of covid-19
Sanitize your hand while getting in and taking off the taxi

Mask-cover authentication COVID-19 

The white cab is also checking on ging the drivers to take a Pic with the masks-cover before getting any trips.

Right to cancel cab: Both drivers and passengers have the right to cancel service. Passengers can cancel a journey if they experience the vital precautions not taken by the driving force. The driver can also abort the ride if the passenger does not accept instructions. Similarly, a white cab provider has also taken steps to ensure the ride isn’t always cozy and secure for the passengers.

covid- 19

If you are ready to accept the instruction mentioned above, for more details you can visit our website, White cab, on your smartphones and laptops. So it is easy for you

The site will ensure both the driver and the passenger follow the essential precautions. It’s also really worth noting that the taxi services will not be available in red zones for now. For more updates about covid 19, you can find many other places like Web Directory to know the current COVID -19 status.