Regulation Taxi Industry

In a country dedicated to free-market capitalism, political restraints on the liberty to enter into a business or letting the aggressive marketplace to set the cost seem despite this enthusiastic and strong contemporary Political, economic, and ideological movement, one mode of transport has come full circle from the law, through deregulation, and again to re-regulation the … Read more

Taxi Companies Raising the Bar

As New York City’s Taxi and many industries grow in numbers. And revenues, new and more progressive Taxi Companies, have been raising the bar with their fare structure. With their innovative fares, they are trying to attract more customers to their services. However, for the more established cab Companies, this new fare structure may not … Read more

COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus pandemic compelled us to settle at the house to avoid spread. After three phases of lockdown as instructed by WHO, so the government relaxed the people from rules for moving one place to another. Everyone is suffering from an economic crisis because of COVID – 19. COVID -19 hits everyone, so cab service also … Read more

Taxi Benefits that Save Time and Money

Taking advantage of taxi benefits is not always an expensive drain on your financial bank account. Depending on your location and your particular situation, cab services can actually be a good saver of both money and time. It has been taking you so long to get around with pubic transportation until you learn how taxi … Read more