Best International Wildlife Destination

Tanzania continued to cement its claim to being one of the best international wildlife destinations. After snaring the Best International Wildlife Destination accolade at the prestigious Outlook Travelers Awards (OYA). Held at India’s luxury resort city of Goa last month. Tanzania is the best places to see wildlife.

The event was organized by the National Geographic Traveler (NGP) and was voted. But best destination of the year by readers and critics alike.

Organized by the travel magazine, it drew a large number of international and global guests who had witnessed first hand the majestic animals and plants of Tanzania.

Best International Wildlife Destination

The renowned safari parks and reserves of the country made for an excellent display of nature.

As visitors were treated to the amazing collection of diverse wildlife species.

While there have been several high profile safaris in recent times, including that of Prince Charles and the royals in the west, it seems that the best time to plan a safari in Tanzania is now. The country has gained much prominence as a result of the growing tourism sector in recent times.

Many tourists are coming in Tanzania’s on quarterly basis. Which makes this African country just as much of a draw for tourists. As any other destination in the world. And with tourism expanding in all sectors of the economy, the once off-the-beaten trail safari is making a comeback.

Place for Animal Lovers

So if you thought that safaris were out. The best places to travel for animal lovers in the world are back in force. And at some of the best destinations in Tanzania.

best international wildlife destination

The Ngorongoro Conservation is called as most visited park in Tanzania. But it is not the only game reserve that travelers are choosing to visit in this beautiful country. There are a host of parks that have earned the admiration of travelers around the globe. Many Selous Reserves are avail there for tourist.

It was one of the best international wildlife destination award winners in 2021. The hailed is good place to visit those who are willing to make tour memorable. The Selous Reserve offers spectacular views over the Serengeti plains and other wild settings.

The Selous reserve is home to many different tribes. And species including lion, elephants, rhinos, leopards, buffaloes and a host of bird species.

Tourists can take the advantage of several lodges dotted along with revers. From which your tour become member able.

Best Places to See Wildlife

The Serengeti National Park is another place that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It was actually responsible for inspiring a novel. As well as the best international wildlife destination award at the year’s travelers awards ceremony held in Kenya.

This park is located in Northern Tanzania, about 16 kilometers from Ngorongoro Crater. This region of Tanzania has a number of wildlife species including big five deer, elephants, wildebeests and zebras among others.

The most prominent migration in this area of Tanzania takes place between June and October every year. When thousands of wildebeests. And other animals head towards the Serengeti plains in search of water and grass for their sustenance.

One of the best international wildlife destination award at this year’s awards ceremony was given to the African safari. The name of the park is based on renowned safari hunter, samanthapuram.

Samanthapuram had been a popular figure in the field of jungle trekking for some time. And It start to establish of the first safari park in the country.

This park houses some of the best wildlife species in the world. And is well known for its Bengal tigers, Lechwe Antelope, African Wild Dog and Zebra among others.

More tourists are now making safari tours part of their holiday package in Tanzania. As the high annual safari activity draws more visitors each year.

Best Wildlife Tours in The World

Ambassadors for peace, tourism and development were also present at the award ceremony. President of Tanzania addressed on the same topic and follow .

The ambassador for peace and development, Mr John Githongo. Said that there was no second opportunity for peace in Africa. And that Tanzania was leading the way in creating peace.

The ambassador for peace and development, Mr John Githongo. Said that there was no second opportunity for peace in Africa. And that Tanzania was leading the way in creating peace. `

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